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Why go to Sri Lanka?
  1. Beaches.
    Local beaches and beckon everything to throw and urgently look for cheap flights to Sri Lanka. Sand, palm trees, incredible blue water – isn’t it beautiful? In addition, you have a choice: you want in the thick of tourist events, stay on the southern side of the island and in the area of ??Colombo. Dreaming of solitude – go north. There is really to find beaches where you will swim and sunbathe all alone.
  2. Temples
    Another culture is always interesting. Residents of Sri Lanka, mostly Buddhists, and on its territory you can find many ancient temples. Explore Anaradhupuru and Pollonaruwa, visit the cave temples in Dambul and, of course, the Temple of the Tooth of Buddha in Kandy. According to the legend, when the Buddha was cremated, four teeth were pulled out of the ashes. One of them miraculously came to Sri Lanka back in the year 371.
    Sri Lankans will not tolerate disrespect towards the Buddha. Any image of the saint – on clothes, bags, etc., as well as tattoos with him can lead to great trouble. There were precedents: a British woman was arrested for such a tattoo, and three French tourists were arrested for kissing the statue of Buddha on camera.
  3. Nature
    Here are incredibly rich flora and fauna. In Sri Lanka, many national parks, a great zoo and the world-famous Pinnawela elephant nursery. However, if you’re lucky, you will see elephants here and without any kennels. And coming from November to April, you can watch whales and sperm whales. Sharks, sea turtles and snakes, squid and coral fish are included. Diving in Sri Lanka is amazing, but snorkeling is not always successful.
  4. Tea
    Ceylon tea is a sign of quality, this drink is appreciated all over the world. It would be all the more sudden to find out that until the XIX century they knew nothing about tea on the island. They grew cinnamon for a long time, then coffee, and the English brought tea bushes. The climate for the plant was very favorable, and now there is no tea anywhere in Sri Lanka. As a tourist without visiting the plantations, tastings and shopping in the shops of factories.
  5. Precious stones.
    Sapphires, rubies, topazes, grenades, amethysts, alexandrites, tourmalines, moonstone — the list of riches mined in the bowels of the island is far from complete. Glitter in the eyes of any woman will add prices: here they are very, very humane. Just do not take the stones from your hands – there is a great risk of running into a fake, so it is more expensive for yourself. In the shops and the certificate will be issued, and the product can be made to order, just in 3-7 days, depending on the complexity.
  6. Yoga and Ayurveda
    Relax under the skillful hands of a massage therapist among the specially selected aromas will benefit anyone, even if you do not believe in all these karmas and the third eye. Ayurveda is very popular on the island, and as a restorative and restorative procedure is suitable for almost everyone.
    Yoga lovers also looked after a few places in Sri Lanka. They rent a fully villa somewhere on the beach and enjoy the fusion with nature, taking asanas on the ocean.

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