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Welcome to Jamaica!

Jamaica is a paradise for beach lovers. Clear water, pristine beaches, warm sea and soft sand – this is what awaits you on the beaches of this sunny island. And there are a lot of them here – municipal and private, traditional and nudist, for recreation with children and sports entertainment.
Jamaica is a magnificent country not only for the beach, but also for active recreation. Tourists who come here have many opportunities, because the tours in Jamaica are quite diverse. We suggest you to get acquainted with the most interesting of them and choose the ones that will suit you.
Holidays in Jamaica can be great if you choose the right time for it. Tourists go to the island all year round, because here it is always warm and sunny. However, there are frequent heavy rains and hurricanes in Jamaica. Find out which season favors this or that type of holiday.
Holidays on the island of Jamaica is becoming popular. Warm sea, branchy palm trees, enchanting reggae music and an abundance of sights – this is what awaits you in Jamaica. Before going there, it is useful to find out which of the hotels are considered the best for the rest.
Norman Manley Airport in Kingston is considered the main air “gate” of Jamaica. This is where most of the tourists who want to relax on the sunny island arrive. Find out all the details about this airport from our material.
Each country has its own national holidays. Such traditions are very interesting to learn, coming to rest abroad. In Jamaica, you always have the opportunity to participate in a colorful carnival or a magnificent celebration of the birthday of Bob Marley.
Like the national cuisine of any country, the cuisine of Jamaica has its own characteristics. These include the use of spices and local exotic fruits, as well as the secrets of marinating meat and fish, etc. Fly in and find out which dishes are in the top ten most delicious in Jamaica!

Life in Jamaica resembles an eternal holiday, because here it is always warm, sunny and calm. Rest on the island is full of pleasures, one of which is the opportunity to visit the colorful carnival, which takes place in Jamaica in early April.
Jamaica attracts tourists with its magnificent beaches, a variety of hotels, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. The nature of the island is very picturesque, and the locals are friendly and good-natured.
What could be better than a vacation? And even if it will be possible to leave in it not earlier than in half a year, it is time to look after the best resort in Jamaica, where you can relax both in soul and body. After all, the island, located in the heart of the Caribbean, can not help but give wonderful memories, comfort and unique atmosphere.

Resorts in Jamaica: where better to go and where to rest
The most popular resorts such as Port Antonio, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril are:

Port Antonio is a fairly quiet town, most of whose inhabitants are financially secure people. This resort place is preferred by those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. Port Antonio is a home for all sorts of exotic butterflies and birds. Its silence is broken only by the noise of the waterfalls located in the vicinity. By the way, on the beaches there are various cafes and restaurants that offer their visitors to taste the dishes of real Jamaican cuisine. In addition, there are quite a few souvenir shops in the city itself, where you can buy hand-made products. And in the gallery Carriacou have the opportunity to admire and, if there is a desire, to buy paintings, as well as sculptures of local craftsmen.
Montego Bay or Mo-Bay, as it is also called, is one of the largest Jamaican cities, which also has an international airport. In addition, here you can find a lot of luxury hotels and sandy beaches with paradise landscapes. If you stop in Mo-Bay, basking in the rays of the tropical sun, do not forget to admire the mansions in the Gregorian style.
Luxurious Moe Bay Moe Bay Beach
Ocho Rios is located in northern Jamaica, right on the shores of Discovery Bay. Here the rich can afford the holidays, and those who want to rest for the glory and at the same time save. Ocho Rios is a town with old buildings. It is surrounded by villages, most of whose population are fishermen. Among the attractions of this popular tourist area are picturesque parks on a hill. In addition, Ocho Rios has many guesthouses (guest house), as well as hotels.
Negril – this is probably one of the most developed resorts in Jamaica. Every year, it attracts thousands of tourists not only by the diversity of its hotels and snow-white beaches, but also by clean air. It is worth noting that in Negril there are no factories, plants and skyscrapers. It is very easy to get to it, because the city has its own airport, Negril Aerodrom.

Jamaica is an amazing country with an original culture, magnificent landscapes, landscapes, clean sea and first-class beaches. This island is considered one of the most environmentally friendly resorts in the world. But not only this wonderful country is famous for its natural resources – in Jamaica a considerable number of attractions, a brief overview of which is presented below.

Natural Attractions of Jamaica
Nature created a lot of sights on the island of Jamaica:

Negril Beach is the best place to practice diving, a favorite vacation spot for wealthy tourists. The length of the white beach line is 11 km.
Dunn’s River Falls is the most visited and picturesque place in Jamaica, the total height of the cascades is 180 meters.
The river Marta Brae is a mountain river near Falmouth. Tourists on wide bamboo rafts are popular with tourists.
The Blue Mountains and the John Crow Mountains is a national park with magnificent vegetation and virgin mountains, shrouded in blue mist. At the foot of the mountains grow the famous coffee variety – Blue Mountain.
Doktorz Cave Beach is the most popular beach and one of the attractions of Montego Bay in Jamaica’s Cornwall. This is an ideal place for diving and swimming, because the sea is always calm and quiet here. Sports, loud music and trade are prohibited on the beach. Bars and restaurants are located near the beach.
Blue Lagoon – a favorite place of tourists, surrounded by legends and myths and known for the same film. In the lagoon there are warm and cold currents, so when diving you will feel the temperature difference, and it is also interesting that during the day the water color in the lagoon changes.
Port Royal – an abandoned city, gradually disappearing under water. Previously known as the favorite place of pirates. The city has 5 forts, one of which is a museum.
Yas Falls (YS Falls) – a beautiful waterfall, consisting of 7 levels. You can swim in the waterfall, and there are organized such activities as bungee jumping, tubing, cable car.
Fern Gully Road is a road through the forest, one of the main natural attractions in Jamaica. Dense rows of trees form a tunnel, which stretches for almost 5 km.
The Rio Grande River – the longest river of the island, whose length is 100 km. Alloys are organized along its course, which have recently been very popular among tourists.
Dolphin Cove is a bay in the tropics where dolphins, crocodiles, stingrays, sharks and exotic birds live. Visitors for a fee can swim with dolphins or watch shark shows.
The Royal Palm Reserve is a forest with more than 300 species of animals, lizards, insects and a huge number of plant species. In the reserve there is a tower with a viewing platform.
Rich waterfall is a mountain waterfall with underwater caves, tourists are allowed to swim and climb to the top of the waterfall.

On the island there are not only natural attractions:
To learn more
The National Gallery of Jamaica is the main art museum in the country, where various collections and works of both young artists and famous artists are gathered, not only from Jamaica, but also from other countries.
Rose Hall is one of the most famous landmarks of Jamaica. This is a mansion with a huge plantation, where slaves once worked. It was built in 1770. According to one of the legends, the White Witch once lived in Rose Hall, who killed her husbands and tortured slaves.
The Bob Marley Museum is a home in Kingston that became a museum in 1985. The walls of the museum are decorated with portraits and photographs of a famous singer, and in the courtyard there is a monument to the very founder of reggae.
Devon House is the residence of the Jamaican millionaire – George Stibel. You can visit the house-museum for free, and you will have to pay for the excursion. Next to the residence is a beautiful park.
Gloucester Avenue is a tourist street of Montego Bay with a large number of souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.
If you still have a question, what to see in Jamaica, be sure to visit the main cities of Jamaica. This is Kingston – the capital of the island, where the main attractions of Jamaica are located, there are magnificent beaches, as well as many restaurants, shops, night clubs; Falmouth – the island’s oldest city, a popular tourist destination; Spanish Town (formerly the capital of Jamaica), etc.

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