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The stunning beaches of Phuket.
  1. Naithon Beach.
    Its length does not exceed a kilometer, but very cozy. Even at the height of the season, there are no crowds here, there are no noisy annoying salesmen, there are no loud music from cafes and restaurants. Although they are along the coast there are cozy, with real Thai dishes on the menu (here, in a cafe, you can rent deck chairs).
    In high season, on Knighton beach is very clean and the water is almost clear – this is an ideal place for those who like to swim with a mask. But with the onset of the rainy period, there are strong waves that bring ashore a lot of garbage. Cleaned here, it should be noted, not too carefully. But the rest is not just a little – they are not at all and you can enjoy complete solitude.
  2. Patong Beach.
    Patong is one of the most popular and lively beaches in Phuket. For the island, he is like Pattaya for Thailand. The place where all kinds of entertainment is concentrated, where life just picks up at sunset. Patong has a lot of things – people, hotels, entertainment. It is not surprising that peace can be no question. That is why many tourists leave to rest in other places during the day, but hotels choose here and invariably come back after sunset – in order to leave for another “breakaway”. Patong is often called the center of debauchery. However, this statement is not entirely true. Indeed, there are places where you can meet both prostitutes and transwistits, but there are also many others – it’s enough for everyone to choose “by themselves”. And, finally, another distinctive feature of Patong Beach, which, indisputably, “at hand” for tourists is low prices. There are a lot of traders and establishments here, the competition is high, so many are ready to abandon transcendental profits in order to attract customers.
  3. Nai Yang Beach. One of the most interesting in Phuket. Its northern and southern parts are very different from each other, which is always used by lovers of diversity. In addition, you can find both fine and coarse sand. The central section of the beach is the busiest and most developed in terms of infrastructure. Here you can rent umbrellas and sun beds, and along the coast there are numerous shops, cafes and cozy restaurants. In the southern part of the shallow and very noticeable ebb and flow. There is even a small tropical island to which, when the water leaves, can be reached on foot. True, you need to take care of the shoes – on this side, Nai Yang is not sandy, but stone. Perhaps that is why here most often it is not crowded and calm. From the north side there is much deeper and ebb tides so almost not to see. A wonderful coniferous forest grows along the coast here – you can sunbathe in the shade of trees or even have a picnic, which is often done by locals.
    In addition to the diversity at the beach Nai Yang, there is another advantage – it is located two kilometers from the airport. On the one hand, this is not so far; on the other hand, it is enough for the noise of the planes not to interfere with rest.
  4. Kamala Beach. This is an amazing combination of well-developed infrastructure and tranquility. It is for this that Europeans love it so much, but Russian tourists have not yet appreciated all the charm of this place. Perhaps because the water here is not as clear as on many other beaches (this does not mean that it is not clean, it’s all about the bottom features). On Kamala there is almost everything you need for a comfortable rest – rental stations of equipment for water entertainment (jet skis are especially popular), deck chairs and umbrellas, cafes offering Thai and international dishes, and even their own Big C supermarket. Interesting and comfortable here will be not only adults but also children. Moreover, the waves in this bay are an extremely rare phenomenon, which means that swimming is safe at any time of the year. The only feature is that in the southern part

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