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See Paris and die…..

At this time we want to tell you about the incredibly beautiful and peculiar city, the city of lovers – Paris!
If the theater, as is known, begins with a hanger, then Paris – from the airport … there are three in this city. European – Orly Airport; Airport Low Cost Airport; and the main one is Charles de Gaulle, on the lawns of which one can easily meet live rabbits fearlessly running after airplanes.
You can move around the city in several ways:

  • underground;
  • electric trains (run both in the city and in the suburbs);
  • night bus (if you suddenly spree, staring at the city and did not have time to get on the subway or train);
  • cars (not the most convenient way to travel, because in Paris there are very narrow streets, because of which there are endless traffic jams in the city, which makes driving a car too time consuming).

And so, in Paris, 20 municipalities:
1 – which is one of the main attractions of the city – the Louvre;
2 – Arrondissement de la Bourse (the smallest administrative district);
3 – ordinary residential buildings;
4 – Notre Dame de Paris;
5 – famous shopping centers: Prentam Life Gallery, on the penultimate floor of which there is a pleasant cafe, where you can eat tasty and inexpensive, as well as taste the delicious croissants; on the roof of the same shopping center there is a free observation deck with a stunning view of the city. In the same district, Grandopera opens its doors for you, being the intersection of all the main tourist routes of the city. Here in the evening there is live music and dancing. Be prepared for the fact that there are a lot of gypsies who want to snitch a handbag or its contents from tourists and tourists who are not following you.

The most favorable places to choose hotels and entertainment for guests of Paris are the first, eighth and sixteenth arrondissements. While the most dangerous are the 20th district and the northern suburbs, where tourists are advised

not to linger, and generally not to appear alone.
Do not forget to look at the Eiffel Tower and the triumphal arch; visit Montmartre – the highest point of Paris, which offers the best view from above! Do not leave without attention museums Orangerie; Rodin; d’Orsay; Pompadu. As well

as you will bring a sea of?? Positive emotions and impressions viewing platforms, France in miniature, an aquarium on the Trocadero, Disneyland, Versailles, the castle of Chambord and the Luxembourg Palace.
About the peculiarities of Paris, I would like to say that at what step are free toilets; in January and in July there are big sales in all major shopping centers, where you can pay in cash (Euro) and bank cards of national payment

systems. You will not lose if you choose a sporty or casual style of clothes for your trip, such an attribute of your wardrobe as a scarf, which in Paris with great pleasure is worn by both men and women, would be particularly welcome.

But mini-skirts, dresses in the floor, robes with a pea print or in furs, hairpins, extended hair and bright make-up during the daytime are worn by representatives of the oldest profession, who live mainly in the Moulin Rouge, in the Montmartre hills near Pigalle Square.
Do not forget in advance before traveling to France to get a passport, Schengen visa and insurance. Relax your soul, enjoy the beautiful views, get acquainted with the local culture and return to Paris again and again!

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