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Let’s talk a little about food …) What you need to try in Spain

If you have ever been to Spain you will never forget this country! Probably, this can be said about Russia as well, but we definitely have something to learn from them. Spain is the sun, the sea, the dancing, the kindest people who always smile, and, of course, extraordinary food.

Tested on his own experience: this is a culture that changes you, your attitude towards life, teaches you to enjoy every day and overcome obstacles with your head held high. Well, we can’t just tell about it, we need to feel it on ourselves, to realize this life philosophy on our own. But we can talk about food!

Share experiences with those who have never been interested in Spanish cuisine.

  1. Paella
    Definitely deserves the first line. This is rice cooked with vegetables, saffron and seafood. Sometimes it is cooked with meat: rabbit or chicken. Cooking options are many! About 300! Not a single paella of Moscow has yet been able to compare with the Spanish (personally for our taste). Perhaps the whole secret to fresh seafood and many years of chefs experience.
  2. Jamon and Bakadios de Jamon (sandwiches shorter)
    In general, jamon is a pig thigh. But for us it is the most delicious jerked meat. Most Spaniards buy a huge leg and cut it on a special stand. Enough for a month, and even more! And we taste the already prepared slices in the markets and in the shops. Be sure to try the crunchy baguette sandwiches and jamon. If desired, you can add vegetables there (with a tomato and a salad – you will lick your fingers!).
  3. Tortilla
    Budget dish for an amateur. If it came out that you were late for dinner at the hotel or did not have time to cook it yourself, the tortilla will always save (although they usually eat it for breakfast). This is an omelette in olive oil with potatoes and onions. The most delicious, of course, freshly prepared in the restaurant. But you can try and semi-finished product, which is sold in every store – you just need to warm up. A must have for students and budget travelers.
  4. Gazpacho
    Well, almost everyone has heard about the famous cold tomato soup. Just try how the ancestors of the dish prepare it to strive for excellence at home.
  5. Zarzuela
    Mmmm! A dish of fish, mussels, lobster, squid, shrimp and other seafood. The Spaniards themselves eat it only on holidays, because it is quite expensive and difficult to prepare. But if you can, be sure to try! Sauresuela is considered one of the most expensive seafood dishes in the world.
  6. Espeto

Grilled fish. Usually it is a sardine on skewers, an oven on coals. There is nothing to add. Already really want a piece.

  1. Tapas
    These are not just snacks, but a reflection of the whole culture! Most popular are patatas bravas (baked potatoes with sauces), croquetas de queso (cheese fried in deep fat), pan cuff (bread with olive oil and tomato paste), jamon and croquetas de jamon (better to take Iberian), olives, sepia and slurry (patty with clams or other seafood).
  2. Churros
    You’ve probably heard about these delicious bagels and dough sticks, deep fried, served with hot chocolate. Yes, fat. But so good!
  3. Crema Catalana
    The national dessert of Catalonia is very similar to creme brulee. Even those who are indifferent to mousses, will appreciate the Spanish souffle with baked caramel crust.
  4. Arrange a gastrotur itself is generally not difficult. Now is the time to fly to the Costa Dorada. Swim, sunbathe, ride the slides in the water park and Port Aventura, and, of course, try the national dishes.

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