Barbados Overview

Barbados Airport. 
14 km east of Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, is Grantley Adams International Class Airport. Airliners from the USA, countries of Europe and the Caribbean region arrive here daily. Today it is the main transportation hub in the eastern part of the Caribbean islands. 
The renewed airport building consists of a huge arrival hall, a luggage compartment, a compartment with ticket offices, a passport control department and a new customs department. Significantly increased service area: tourists arriving in Barbados and departing from it, can sit in a bar or restaurant, buy a variety of goods in specialized shops, including expensive and rare coffee. Porters work at the airport. For their services they ask for 1 USD. To the resort area from the airport can be reached by taxi or bus. Taxi drivers work around the clock, which is very convenient. There are no meters, so the cost of transportation is agreed with the client in advance. Buses to Bridgetown leave every half hour from 06:00 to 00:00. Also at the airport, you can arrange a rental car and go on their own. 

Import of foreign currency is not limited (in the declaration it is necessary to indicate the amount of imported money). Export of local currency is prohibited, foreign – no more than the amount specified in the declaration on arrival. 

Those over the age of 18 are allowed to import 200 cigarettes or 450 g of tobacco products, 0.75 liters duty free. spirits and 0.75 liters of wine, 150 ml of perfumes and 300 ml of perfumery products, as well as gifts and any other goods with a total value of not more than 100 BBD. Prohibited the importation of fresh fruits and fruits, pets. 

Local taxis have fixed fares for certain routes. Before the trip, the tourist should discuss with the driver what currency he will pay for it. 
Car rental in Barbados 
Immediately, we note that renting a car on the island is not a cheap pleasure. It will require international driving license, you also need to get a local permit – their cost is 10 USD. Left-hand movement. 

Safety of tourists. 

The island is very calm, with a low crime rate, but tourists still should not lose vigilance. You should not carry valuables, documents and large sums of money with you – there are safes for that. The hotels have their own security services, who keep order in the territory, but it is better not to leave valuable items even in hotels without supervision. 

Local law provides severe fines and other penalties for all drug related violations. 

Coastline barbados. 
The South Coast is the meeting point of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean with ideal conditions for windsurfing. Along the coast there are small hotels 3 and 4 *, bars, restaurants and discos. The center of nightlife is considered the town of St. Lawrence Gap. Rum – one of the business cards of Barbados. Hundreds of tiny bars and lots of colorful rum shops are scattered around the island and add a lot of color to it. 

The west coast is washed by the Caribbean Sea and is famous for its golden sandy beaches and calm clear waters. The best hotels of the island, located here, will suit lovers of a relaxing holiday. Evenings here can be spent in cozy restaurants and bars. 

The east coast of Barbados is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. This is the most beautiful and at the same time – the most unexplored part of the island by tourists. There are great surfing and wild beaches. 

The north of Barbados is the least populated area. Here is the Barbados Wildlife Sanctuary in St. Peter’s District (25 km north of Bridgetown), home to green monkeys, roes, otters, turtles, other exotic animals and birds. 

Tropical trade wind, close to subequatorial sea. The air temperature all year round ranges from + 26 … + 30 ° C, and the trade winds and the sea breeze save from the exhausting heat. About 75% of precipitation falls from June to November, the wettest month is July. Also summer is possible hurricanes – the greatest number of them may collapse on the island from September to the end of October. 

The driest months are from February to May, for example, in April, only about seven rainy days during the whole month! 

The beaches. 
Barbados has many good sandy beaches, each with its own special character. The west coast is famous for golden sand, the south – white. All beaches of the island are municipal, but, as a rule, only guests are reclining on the beach sections near the hotels. 

Nudism and toples are actually prohibited: in this respect, Barbados strictly adheres to conservative British traditions. 

Barbados Hotels. 
Most of the hotels are focused on the western and southern coasts of the island, near the most popular beaches. All prestigious hotels are located on the west coast, in the southern part of the island there are more democratic hotels that will appeal to lovers of nightlife. 

Winserfera suitable accommodation on the southern or southeastern coast – this is where the places of their pilgrimage. Ordinary tourists are not recommended to stop on the southeast coast – an almost complete absence of beaches and big waves will spoil their rest. 

Voltage in the mains 110/120 V, 50 Hz. American sockets and plugs are used. To use European electrical appliances, you need an adapter and a converter that changes the voltage from 220 to 110 V. In hotels 4 and 5 *, adapters are provided free of charge. 

The monetary unit of the country is the Barbados dollar (BBD), in 1 dollar 100 cents. Current exchange rate: 1 USD = 2 BBD, 1 EUR = 2.23 BBD, 1 BBD = 32.35 RUB. 

Currency can be exchanged in commercial banks, exchange offices and hotels. Exchange rates in commercial banks and hotels are almost the same. The island is served by the National Bank of Barbados and at least 6 branches of international banks, so there are usually no problems with currency exchange. Banks are open from 8:00 to 15:00, on Fridays – from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00. Banks and most commercial offices work 5 days a week. 

Most hotels, restaurants and resort stores accept major credit cards and travelers checks. In the tourism industry, the us dollar is almost ubiquitous. In the province with credit cards is much more difficult – in most cases, preference is given to cash. In addition, various duties and goods in the markets can also be paid in cash only. 

In most hotels and restaurants, tips are already included in the cost of service. If not, it is customary to leave “for tea” 10% of the total bill. Maids are usually given 1 USD per room, porters at the airport and hotels – 1 USD for each piece of luggage, taxi drivers – as much as they want. 

Shopping and shops in Barbados. 
Most stores in the capital are open from 8:30 to 16:30 from Monday to Friday and until 12: 00-13: 00 on Saturday. There are many duty-free shops on the island – you will have to show your passport and return ticket. Supermarkets usually work until 20:00. More than a thousand (!) Rum shops are open on the island. In general, Barbados is a rather expensive island, it should be borne in mind. 
Local sellers often cannot find a change in large bills in US dollars, so it’s better to have small bills with you, and for large purchases to pay with a credit card.

Kitchen and restaurants.
The restaurants of the island are famous for their diversity: here you can taste national dishes and much more. Especially popular is the flying fish dish, as well as other seafood. 
Freshly grilled fish in the restaurant for tourists – 40-60 BBD. A bottle of water in the store – from 4 BBD. Beer bottle – from 3 BBD. 

Entertainment and attractions of Barbados. 
One of the ways to get acquainted with the sights of the island is to buy a special “tourist passport” (Heritage Barbados Passport) for about 35 USD. It provides an opportunity to visit 16 major museums, natural and architectural monuments of the country with a 50% discount. The owner of such a “passport” can be accompanied by two children under 12 years old free of charge. 
Despite the outward tranquility of life on the island, there are plenty of bars and discos, including Harbor Lights on the sand in the open air. 
Day trips to the nearby Caribbean islands: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie was filmed, Dominica Island – hundreds of rivers, waterfalls, rainforests and mountains, Saint Lucia – untouched nature of the tropics, waterfalls and mountains. 

In Barbados, water sports are well developed: sailing, water skiing, diving and snorkeling. Thanks to the wind from the Atlantic, the island has become a real Mecca for surfing fans – both beginners and “pros”. 
The West Bank is very popular with fans of scuba diving: there the sea is hidden by steep reefs and sunken ships. East Coast – “paradise” for surfers, the best place here – Soup Bowl (“Soup Bowl”). The best place to practice windsurfing, especially from November to June, is Silver Sands (Silver Sands) on the south coast. 
The island also has three internationally renowned golf courses: Sandy Lane, Royal Westmoreland and Barbados Golf Club. 
Every year in January, a large jazz festival is held in Barbados, gathering musicians from around the world.

Welcome to Jamaica!

Jamaica is a paradise for beach lovers. Clear water, pristine beaches, warm sea and soft sand – this is what awaits you on the beaches of this sunny island. And there are a lot of them here – municipal and private, traditional and nudist, for recreation with children and sports entertainment.
Jamaica is a magnificent country not only for the beach, but also for active recreation. Tourists who come here have many opportunities, because the tours in Jamaica are quite diverse. We suggest you to get acquainted with the most interesting of them and choose the ones that will suit you.
Holidays in Jamaica can be great if you choose the right time for it. Tourists go to the island all year round, because here it is always warm and sunny. However, there are frequent heavy rains and hurricanes in Jamaica. Find out which season favors this or that type of holiday.
Holidays on the island of Jamaica is becoming popular. Warm sea, branchy palm trees, enchanting reggae music and an abundance of sights – this is what awaits you in Jamaica. Before going there, it is useful to find out which of the hotels are considered the best for the rest.
Norman Manley Airport in Kingston is considered the main air “gate” of Jamaica. This is where most of the tourists who want to relax on the sunny island arrive. Find out all the details about this airport from our material.
Each country has its own national holidays. Such traditions are very interesting to learn, coming to rest abroad. In Jamaica, you always have the opportunity to participate in a colorful carnival or a magnificent celebration of the birthday of Bob Marley.
Like the national cuisine of any country, the cuisine of Jamaica has its own characteristics. These include the use of spices and local exotic fruits, as well as the secrets of marinating meat and fish, etc. Fly in and find out which dishes are in the top ten most delicious in Jamaica!

Life in Jamaica resembles an eternal holiday, because here it is always warm, sunny and calm. Rest on the island is full of pleasures, one of which is the opportunity to visit the colorful carnival, which takes place in Jamaica in early April.
Jamaica attracts tourists with its magnificent beaches, a variety of hotels, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. The nature of the island is very picturesque, and the locals are friendly and good-natured.
What could be better than a vacation? And even if it will be possible to leave in it not earlier than in half a year, it is time to look after the best resort in Jamaica, where you can relax both in soul and body. After all, the island, located in the heart of the Caribbean, can not help but give wonderful memories, comfort and unique atmosphere.

Resorts in Jamaica: where better to go and where to rest
The most popular resorts such as Port Antonio, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril are:

Port Antonio is a fairly quiet town, most of whose inhabitants are financially secure people. This resort place is preferred by those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. Port Antonio is a home for all sorts of exotic butterflies and birds. Its silence is broken only by the noise of the waterfalls located in the vicinity. By the way, on the beaches there are various cafes and restaurants that offer their visitors to taste the dishes of real Jamaican cuisine. In addition, there are quite a few souvenir shops in the city itself, where you can buy hand-made products. And in the gallery Carriacou have the opportunity to admire and, if there is a desire, to buy paintings, as well as sculptures of local craftsmen.
Montego Bay or Mo-Bay, as it is also called, is one of the largest Jamaican cities, which also has an international airport. In addition, here you can find a lot of luxury hotels and sandy beaches with paradise landscapes. If you stop in Mo-Bay, basking in the rays of the tropical sun, do not forget to admire the mansions in the Gregorian style.
Luxurious Moe Bay Moe Bay Beach
Ocho Rios is located in northern Jamaica, right on the shores of Discovery Bay. Here the rich can afford the holidays, and those who want to rest for the glory and at the same time save. Ocho Rios is a town with old buildings. It is surrounded by villages, most of whose population are fishermen. Among the attractions of this popular tourist area are picturesque parks on a hill. In addition, Ocho Rios has many guesthouses (guest house), as well as hotels.
Negril – this is probably one of the most developed resorts in Jamaica. Every year, it attracts thousands of tourists not only by the diversity of its hotels and snow-white beaches, but also by clean air. It is worth noting that in Negril there are no factories, plants and skyscrapers. It is very easy to get to it, because the city has its own airport, Negril Aerodrom.

Jamaica is an amazing country with an original culture, magnificent landscapes, landscapes, clean sea and first-class beaches. This island is considered one of the most environmentally friendly resorts in the world. But not only this wonderful country is famous for its natural resources – in Jamaica a considerable number of attractions, a brief overview of which is presented below.

Natural Attractions of Jamaica
Nature created a lot of sights on the island of Jamaica:

Negril Beach is the best place to practice diving, a favorite vacation spot for wealthy tourists. The length of the white beach line is 11 km.
Dunn’s River Falls is the most visited and picturesque place in Jamaica, the total height of the cascades is 180 meters.
The river Marta Brae is a mountain river near Falmouth. Tourists on wide bamboo rafts are popular with tourists.
The Blue Mountains and the John Crow Mountains is a national park with magnificent vegetation and virgin mountains, shrouded in blue mist. At the foot of the mountains grow the famous coffee variety – Blue Mountain.
Doktorz Cave Beach is the most popular beach and one of the attractions of Montego Bay in Jamaica’s Cornwall. This is an ideal place for diving and swimming, because the sea is always calm and quiet here. Sports, loud music and trade are prohibited on the beach. Bars and restaurants are located near the beach.
Blue Lagoon – a favorite place of tourists, surrounded by legends and myths and known for the same film. In the lagoon there are warm and cold currents, so when diving you will feel the temperature difference, and it is also interesting that during the day the water color in the lagoon changes.
Port Royal – an abandoned city, gradually disappearing under water. Previously known as the favorite place of pirates. The city has 5 forts, one of which is a museum.
Yas Falls (YS Falls) – a beautiful waterfall, consisting of 7 levels. You can swim in the waterfall, and there are organized such activities as bungee jumping, tubing, cable car.
Fern Gully Road is a road through the forest, one of the main natural attractions in Jamaica. Dense rows of trees form a tunnel, which stretches for almost 5 km.
The Rio Grande River – the longest river of the island, whose length is 100 km. Alloys are organized along its course, which have recently been very popular among tourists.
Dolphin Cove is a bay in the tropics where dolphins, crocodiles, stingrays, sharks and exotic birds live. Visitors for a fee can swim with dolphins or watch shark shows.
The Royal Palm Reserve is a forest with more than 300 species of animals, lizards, insects and a huge number of plant species. In the reserve there is a tower with a viewing platform.
Rich waterfall is a mountain waterfall with underwater caves, tourists are allowed to swim and climb to the top of the waterfall.

On the island there are not only natural attractions:
To learn more
The National Gallery of Jamaica is the main art museum in the country, where various collections and works of both young artists and famous artists are gathered, not only from Jamaica, but also from other countries.
Rose Hall is one of the most famous landmarks of Jamaica. This is a mansion with a huge plantation, where slaves once worked. It was built in 1770. According to one of the legends, the White Witch once lived in Rose Hall, who killed her husbands and tortured slaves.
The Bob Marley Museum is a home in Kingston that became a museum in 1985. The walls of the museum are decorated with portraits and photographs of a famous singer, and in the courtyard there is a monument to the very founder of reggae.
Devon House is the residence of the Jamaican millionaire – George Stibel. You can visit the house-museum for free, and you will have to pay for the excursion. Next to the residence is a beautiful park.
Gloucester Avenue is a tourist street of Montego Bay with a large number of souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.
If you still have a question, what to see in Jamaica, be sure to visit the main cities of Jamaica. This is Kingston – the capital of the island, where the main attractions of Jamaica are located, there are magnificent beaches, as well as many restaurants, shops, night clubs; Falmouth – the island’s oldest city, a popular tourist destination; Spanish Town (formerly the capital of Jamaica), etc.

Why go to Sri Lanka?

  1. Beaches.
    Local beaches and beckon everything to throw and urgently look for cheap flights to Sri Lanka. Sand, palm trees, incredible blue water – isn’t it beautiful? In addition, you have a choice: you want in the thick of tourist events, stay on the southern side of the island and in the area of ??Colombo. Dreaming of solitude – go north. There is really to find beaches where you will swim and sunbathe all alone.
  2. Temples
    Another culture is always interesting. Residents of Sri Lanka, mostly Buddhists, and on its territory you can find many ancient temples. Explore Anaradhupuru and Pollonaruwa, visit the cave temples in Dambul and, of course, the Temple of the Tooth of Buddha in Kandy. According to the legend, when the Buddha was cremated, four teeth were pulled out of the ashes. One of them miraculously came to Sri Lanka back in the year 371.
    Sri Lankans will not tolerate disrespect towards the Buddha. Any image of the saint – on clothes, bags, etc., as well as tattoos with him can lead to great trouble. There were precedents: a British woman was arrested for such a tattoo, and three French tourists were arrested for kissing the statue of Buddha on camera.
  3. Nature
    Here are incredibly rich flora and fauna. In Sri Lanka, many national parks, a great zoo and the world-famous Pinnawela elephant nursery. However, if you’re lucky, you will see elephants here and without any kennels. And coming from November to April, you can watch whales and sperm whales. Sharks, sea turtles and snakes, squid and coral fish are included. Diving in Sri Lanka is amazing, but snorkeling is not always successful.
  4. Tea
    Ceylon tea is a sign of quality, this drink is appreciated all over the world. It would be all the more sudden to find out that until the XIX century they knew nothing about tea on the island. They grew cinnamon for a long time, then coffee, and the English brought tea bushes. The climate for the plant was very favorable, and now there is no tea anywhere in Sri Lanka. As a tourist without visiting the plantations, tastings and shopping in the shops of factories.
  5. Precious stones.
    Sapphires, rubies, topazes, grenades, amethysts, alexandrites, tourmalines, moonstone — the list of riches mined in the bowels of the island is far from complete. Glitter in the eyes of any woman will add prices: here they are very, very humane. Just do not take the stones from your hands – there is a great risk of running into a fake, so it is more expensive for yourself. In the shops and the certificate will be issued, and the product can be made to order, just in 3-7 days, depending on the complexity.
  6. Yoga and Ayurveda
    Relax under the skillful hands of a massage therapist among the specially selected aromas will benefit anyone, even if you do not believe in all these karmas and the third eye. Ayurveda is very popular on the island, and as a restorative and restorative procedure is suitable for almost everyone.
    Yoga lovers also looked after a few places in Sri Lanka. They rent a fully villa somewhere on the beach and enjoy the fusion with nature, taking asanas on the ocean.

10 places in the Crimea, which can be visited with children

  1. Palace “Swallow’s Nest”
    The Swallow’s Nest can be considered an interesting historical architectural monument; it is interesting because it is located on a forty-meter-high steep Avronina rock, on Cape Ai-Todor of the village of Gaspra. Its structure resembles an ancient castle of the medieval era, which became a symbol of the Crimea on the southern coast.
  2. Ai-Petri
    A long time ago, in the location of the mountain stood the ancient Greek temple of St. Peter, whose name is Ai-Petri and obliged. His remains have survived until our days. Speaking fairly, so it is possible to name both top of the mountain, being the most southern point of all plateau, and all Ai-Petrin plateau. Its other name is the Table array, and the territory is approximately 300 square meters.
  3. Cape Fiolent
    Cape Fiolent is located on the seafront near Jasper Beach. In this place you can enjoy the wildlife, breathe fresh air filled with the smell of almonds and swim in crystal clear water. The entire coast is a chaotic jumble of huge gray boulders, between which there are small pebble beaches. In different places, the height of the cliffs can vary from 50 to 200 m. The rocks themselves, by their natural form, form the silhouettes of various mythical monsters and wild animals. It all depends on the imagination of tourists vacationing here.
  4. Cape Tarkhankut
    Tarkhankut Peninsula is called a world landmark, which has a natural origin. It is one of the most unique regions of Crimea. The coastline of the peninsula is heavily indented. As a result of the sea elements, grottoes, caves and tunnels were formed. Particularly unique shores are located in the area of ??the village of Olenevka, where the Atlesha cliffs and the Dzhangul tract are located.
  5. Genoese fortress
    The Genoese fortress is a visiting card of Sudak. It is rightly considered to be one of the most important historical sights on the peninsula, as it is fairly well preserved and is still striking in its power and grandeur. Today, the Genoese fortress attracts many tourists with its size and aesthetic appearance, but earlier its main function was inaccessibility and protection from enemy attacks. It is located very well as a fortification. Its main defense is cliffs with cliffs on which high walls towered, as well as an artificial ditch filled with water at that time.
  6. Chersonese
    Chersonese is the birthplace of Russian Orthodoxy. This place is recognized as the center of the clergy in Russia, it is also called the Russian Bethlehem. Here the future of a great power was predetermined.
  7. Palace of the Emir of Bukhara
    One of the unique buildings with Moorish architecture, built in Yalta at the beginning of the XX century – the Palace of the Emir of Bukhara. It was erected for Bukhara by Seid Abdul Akhan Khan by the city architect of the past, N. G. Tarasov. As is known, the emir of Bukhara led a friendship with Nicholas II. And in order to see more often the emperor’s family, who settled in the Livadia Palace for the summer, he deliberately bought a part of the land near Primorsky Park.
  8. Cape Aya
    In Crimea there is a surprisingly beautiful state reserve – “Cape Aya”. The climate of the reserve is similar to the Mediterranean. Landscapes, as well as fauna and flora will pleasantly surprise you. Here you can find rare animals and plants that are listed in the Red Book. The reserve occupies a total area of ??1340 hectares, and the adjacent water area is 208 hectares.
  9. Vorontsov Palace
    Magnificent palace and park complex of the first half of the 19th c. belonged to Count Mikhail Vorontsov. Everything in the Vorontsov Palace is unique: the surrounding seaside landscape at the foot of Ai-Petri, and perfect architecture, combining many styles and trends, and a sample of high landscape art, created by the main gardener of the Crimea, a talented German botanist.
  10. Massandra Palace
    The Massandra Palace is a majestic historical architectural creation, located in the northeast of the city of Yalta. It was originally intended for one Russian prince M.S. Vorontsov, but after his death in 1882, Emperor Alexander III bought the still unfinished building and restored its construction on rocky terrain. The palace itself resembles ancient buildings in the Renaissance style in France.

The stunning beaches of Phuket.

  1. Naithon Beach.
    Its length does not exceed a kilometer, but very cozy. Even at the height of the season, there are no crowds here, there are no noisy annoying salesmen, there are no loud music from cafes and restaurants. Although they are along the coast there are cozy, with real Thai dishes on the menu (here, in a cafe, you can rent deck chairs).
    In high season, on Knighton beach is very clean and the water is almost clear – this is an ideal place for those who like to swim with a mask. But with the onset of the rainy period, there are strong waves that bring ashore a lot of garbage. Cleaned here, it should be noted, not too carefully. But the rest is not just a little – they are not at all and you can enjoy complete solitude.
  2. Patong Beach.
    Patong is one of the most popular and lively beaches in Phuket. For the island, he is like Pattaya for Thailand. The place where all kinds of entertainment is concentrated, where life just picks up at sunset. Patong has a lot of things – people, hotels, entertainment. It is not surprising that peace can be no question. That is why many tourists leave to rest in other places during the day, but hotels choose here and invariably come back after sunset – in order to leave for another “breakaway”. Patong is often called the center of debauchery. However, this statement is not entirely true. Indeed, there are places where you can meet both prostitutes and transwistits, but there are also many others – it’s enough for everyone to choose “by themselves”. And, finally, another distinctive feature of Patong Beach, which, indisputably, “at hand” for tourists is low prices. There are a lot of traders and establishments here, the competition is high, so many are ready to abandon transcendental profits in order to attract customers.
  3. Nai Yang Beach. One of the most interesting in Phuket. Its northern and southern parts are very different from each other, which is always used by lovers of diversity. In addition, you can find both fine and coarse sand. The central section of the beach is the busiest and most developed in terms of infrastructure. Here you can rent umbrellas and sun beds, and along the coast there are numerous shops, cafes and cozy restaurants. In the southern part of the shallow and very noticeable ebb and flow. There is even a small tropical island to which, when the water leaves, can be reached on foot. True, you need to take care of the shoes – on this side, Nai Yang is not sandy, but stone. Perhaps that is why here most often it is not crowded and calm. From the north side there is much deeper and ebb tides so almost not to see. A wonderful coniferous forest grows along the coast here – you can sunbathe in the shade of trees or even have a picnic, which is often done by locals.
    In addition to the diversity at the beach Nai Yang, there is another advantage – it is located two kilometers from the airport. On the one hand, this is not so far; on the other hand, it is enough for the noise of the planes not to interfere with rest.
  4. Kamala Beach. This is an amazing combination of well-developed infrastructure and tranquility. It is for this that Europeans love it so much, but Russian tourists have not yet appreciated all the charm of this place. Perhaps because the water here is not as clear as on many other beaches (this does not mean that it is not clean, it’s all about the bottom features). On Kamala there is almost everything you need for a comfortable rest – rental stations of equipment for water entertainment (jet skis are especially popular), deck chairs and umbrellas, cafes offering Thai and international dishes, and even their own Big C supermarket. Interesting and comfortable here will be not only adults but also children. Moreover, the waves in this bay are an extremely rare phenomenon, which means that swimming is safe at any time of the year. The only feature is that in the southern part

Let’s talk a little about food …) What you need to try in Spain

If you have ever been to Spain you will never forget this country! Probably, this can be said about Russia as well, but we definitely have something to learn from them. Spain is the sun, the sea, the dancing, the kindest people who always smile, and, of course, extraordinary food.

Tested on his own experience: this is a culture that changes you, your attitude towards life, teaches you to enjoy every day and overcome obstacles with your head held high. Well, we can’t just tell about it, we need to feel it on ourselves, to realize this life philosophy on our own. But we can talk about food!

Share experiences with those who have never been interested in Spanish cuisine.

  1. Paella
    Definitely deserves the first line. This is rice cooked with vegetables, saffron and seafood. Sometimes it is cooked with meat: rabbit or chicken. Cooking options are many! About 300! Not a single paella of Moscow has yet been able to compare with the Spanish (personally for our taste). Perhaps the whole secret to fresh seafood and many years of chefs experience.
  2. Jamon and Bakadios de Jamon (sandwiches shorter)
    In general, jamon is a pig thigh. But for us it is the most delicious jerked meat. Most Spaniards buy a huge leg and cut it on a special stand. Enough for a month, and even more! And we taste the already prepared slices in the markets and in the shops. Be sure to try the crunchy baguette sandwiches and jamon. If desired, you can add vegetables there (with a tomato and a salad – you will lick your fingers!).
  3. Tortilla
    Budget dish for an amateur. If it came out that you were late for dinner at the hotel or did not have time to cook it yourself, the tortilla will always save (although they usually eat it for breakfast). This is an omelette in olive oil with potatoes and onions. The most delicious, of course, freshly prepared in the restaurant. But you can try and semi-finished product, which is sold in every store – you just need to warm up. A must have for students and budget travelers.
  4. Gazpacho
    Well, almost everyone has heard about the famous cold tomato soup. Just try how the ancestors of the dish prepare it to strive for excellence at home.
  5. Zarzuela
    Mmmm! A dish of fish, mussels, lobster, squid, shrimp and other seafood. The Spaniards themselves eat it only on holidays, because it is quite expensive and difficult to prepare. But if you can, be sure to try! Sauresuela is considered one of the most expensive seafood dishes in the world.
  6. Espeto

Grilled fish. Usually it is a sardine on skewers, an oven on coals. There is nothing to add. Already really want a piece.

  1. Tapas
    These are not just snacks, but a reflection of the whole culture! Most popular are patatas bravas (baked potatoes with sauces), croquetas de queso (cheese fried in deep fat), pan cuff (bread with olive oil and tomato paste), jamon and croquetas de jamon (better to take Iberian), olives, sepia and slurry (patty with clams or other seafood).
  2. Churros
    You’ve probably heard about these delicious bagels and dough sticks, deep fried, served with hot chocolate. Yes, fat. But so good!
  3. Crema Catalana
    The national dessert of Catalonia is very similar to creme brulee. Even those who are indifferent to mousses, will appreciate the Spanish souffle with baked caramel crust.
  4. Arrange a gastrotur itself is generally not difficult. Now is the time to fly to the Costa Dorada. Swim, sunbathe, ride the slides in the water park and Port Aventura, and, of course, try the national dishes.

Here it is, this contrast and magnificent Bulgaria!

This article will be as useful as possible for you if you are going on holiday to Bulgaria or can’t decide whether to go there or not.
Let’s start with the fact that it is pleasant for tourists in Bulgaria to be the fact that coming here not by package (without a reserved hotel) you can easily stay in any free hotel or room.
Many before the trip to Bulgaria are afraid to see a kind of relic of the past, almost the USSR. But in fact, the country in recent years has taken a very far step forward. She entered the European Union, decent roads were built here, hotels and shopping centers were completely modernized. The only thing that remains to this day from the USSR is the quality of the products. But this is rather a plus than a minus.
In Bulgaria, even at the most expensive resort, there are many places that, to put it mildly, do not look very good. Exactly the opposite!
The farther from the sea and popular tourist routes you are, the more such places you will meet.
At the same time, by the sea, many resorts in Bulgaria easily compete with the world’s leading resorts.
The level of service in Bulgaria is high! Even in the cheapest hotel the level of service is quite sufficient and exceeds that in some other countries.
Just a little talk about the features of this country.
In Bulgaria, the national currency is Leva. But the import and export of Bulgarian currency from the country is prohibited by law. In exchange offices or banks within the country, you can easily exchange dollars, euro, rubles, hryvnias and many other currencies for levs.
The only oddity – the Bulgarians nod their disagreement, but agree, shaking his head from side to side.
The national instrument of Bulgaria is the guide (Bulgarian bagpipe). You can easily listen to it, for example, in the evening, at the entrance to Old Nessebar.
Bulgaria is famous for its diverse resorts. There are in the country as well-promoted, and very young, but rapidly conquering their potential tourists small picturesque villages. And also they go to Bulgaria to improve their health, to relax both body and soul. The seaside resorts of the country attract not only young, but also more mature vacationers. And now, the main places where you should visit, arriving in Bulgaria.
Nessebar is the oldest city in Europe. Very beautiful, ancient and romantic city, which is entirely under the protection of UNESCO. Convenient city in terms of excursions. Along the coast and at the reception of any hotel in Nessebar, you can choose any trip you like and book it. There is no bus station in the city itself, but at each stop there is a timetable of routes, which you can navigate. Then it remains to just come at the appointed time and wait for the bus (they are not late).
The city has a huge number of restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants. The prices in establishments are mostly high, especially for tourist routes. Separately, it is worth noting furry. These are the Bulgarian restaurants that serve delicious national food.
The beauty of the narrow streets with old wooden houses, the ancient churches and the very realization that a part of Nessebar is now under water attracts many tourists to their open spaces.
The city has several clean beaches. One of the most enjoyable is the beach behind the stones. You can always find free space here, but it is not equipped.
Shopping in Nessebar is not the most successful idea. Here they sell mainly Turkish products, and the quality of some products leaves much to be desired. Although there are many souvenir shops, prices in them are not cheap.
The next item will be Pomorie – a source of healing power and health.
Pomorie – is a famous sea and spa resort. The city has low affordable prices for tourists. And this is one of the best Bulgarian resorts.
The town is surprisingly cozy, with the old part located on the peninsula. Picturesque landscapes, an ancient monastery, wild beaches, a lake-reserve, endless festivals, excellent shopping at really low prices – all this awaits you in Pomorie.
In addition, the city produces good cognacs and wines, and also produces sea salt. Pomorie is more suitable for a quiet family holiday and recreation with children, because the entrance to the sea is smooth, and the water is warm and calm. Lovers of fun most likely here will be boring, but at the same time, you can always get to the noisier Sunny Beach, where a huge number of nightlife.
There is a bus station in Pomorie (in the old part). From it you can reach many cities of the country.
The beach on the spit near Pomorie will not be able to leave you indifferent either.
Do not forget about Burgas – one of the largest cities in Bulgaria.
Burgas is a rather attractive and inexpensive resort. Here is a large seaport, international airport, railway and bus stations.
In Bourgas there are beautiful clean beaches, a large seaside park (about 7 km) with sandy figures, an opera house and several museums. All this attracts many tourists to the city every year. True, the prices there are very big, but the choice is very good.
If you have the means, then you can enjoy Sunny Beach – the most expensive resort in Bulgaria. This is one of the most popular and famous tourist complexes in the country. City of ceaseless discos, built up with rows of countless hotels. Everything is expensive here. Prices in shops, restaurants, beaches, and taxis are several times higher than in Pomorie. And while the resort is literally packed with people. The beaches are clean, but you can often see algae on the shore (and in the evening they are thrown back into the water).
The resort has been awarded the Blue Flag for the environmental benefits of water and sand.
There is a bus station in Sunny Beach. In the city, you can easily order many excursions.
There is also a city-botanical garden – Balchik. The popularity of Balchik gives fabulously beautiful botanical garden with the summer residence of the Romanian queen in it. This is one of the main attractions of all of Bulgaria, especially its seaside region. The city is located in the north of the country and is the third largest seaport.
The main disadvantage is that it is impossible to get from Balchik directly to the same Nessebar or Burgas. Be sure to change in Varna.
How to attract these resort beaches !!
Golden Sands is a hot Bulgarian resort, one of the largest resorts in the country. Prices here are slightly lower than in Sunny Beach, but the weather is usually very hot. The sun bakes is simply unbelievable, because the mountains do not allow fresh air to get through, therefore there is often a stuffiness here.
Great for young people and nightlife lovers. This resort will not let you get bored – music and fun do not stop all day. But there is one drawback here – the descent to the beach and the entrance to the sea are not as gentle as in Sunny Beach or Nessebar due to the mountainous terrain.
Of course, back in Bulgaria, you will find a cultural and historical heritage – the city of Varna, which is also a popular resort. This is a huge, lively city with lots of parks, shops and squares. It’s impossible to say that everything is very cheap here, but you can’t call it particularly high prices either.
Varna is an important economic and cultural center with its own airport and established ferry service. It is the largest port city in Bulgaria. There is a large bus station, from which you can go in any direction – both in Bulgaria itself and in other countries of the world.

We offer you the five best hotels in Cuba

1) “Barcelo Solymar” 5 *
The first line from the sea.
There are several types of rooms: standard, suite, Bungalow, two-level Bungalow suite and Super room. Each room has a refrigerator, hairdryer, TV, air conditioning, coffee maker, mini bar, safe (fee), telephone, iron and ironing board.
Infrastructure, services and services offered by the hotel: private sandy beach, shopping center, beauty salon, hairdresser, currency exchange, parking, laundry, medical care, car rental, internet cafe, Wi-Fi in the lobby, fax (extra charge), dance lessons , massage, volleyball and basketball courts, fitness, water polo, board games, sports ground, tennis, golf, restaurants with international cuisine, bars. For families with children, the hotel offers a children’s section in the adult pool, a kid’s club, a games room, a playground, babysitting and animators, a cot (on request) and a children’s menu in the hotel’s restaurant.
But when planning your vacation in this hotel, please note that pets are not allowed here.

2) “Allegro Palma Real” 4 *
The hotel is across the road from the sea. Rooms type Standart room. The infrastructure includes: a beauty salon, shops, a tour desk, an elevator, restaurants, bars and a market. This hotel has a sufficiently developed service – medical care, the possibility of using foreign currency, ATM, safe, Internet, car and bicycle rental, parking, post office. For an additional fee you are waiting for diving, swimming pool, water aerobics, mini golf, tennis court, disco, squash, gym, bowling, horse riding and dancing.
For children – children’s pool, playground, entertainment mini-club.

3) “Gran Caribe Puntarena Playa Caleta” 4 *
The hotel is located on the seafront. All rooms with balcony, air conditioning, telephone, satellite TV, refrigerator and safe (fee). The hotel offers excursions, medical care, currency exchange, internet access, massage, golf course, fitness, swimming pool, gym, billiards, kayaking, diving, car rental, transfer from hotel to the center of Varadero. On the territory there are cafes, restaurants, bars and pizzeria. Here you can also buy wonderful souvenirs.
For children – nanny, mini-club.

4) “Brisas Del Caribe” 4 *
The first line from the sea. Club hotel. Developed infrastructure and service, car rental, bicycles and mopeds, 2 swimming pools, water polo, beach volleyball, bowling, diving, sauna, gym.
For children, swimming pool, animation programs. This hotel is a great choice for a romantic getaway for two.

5) “Starfish varadero” 3 *
The hotel is located on the seafront. Standard type rooms. There is a shop, car rental, swimming pool, tennis court, gym, hairdresser and massage therapist.
For children – swimming pool, kids club and nanny.

See Paris and die…..

At this time we want to tell you about the incredibly beautiful and peculiar city, the city of lovers – Paris!
If the theater, as is known, begins with a hanger, then Paris – from the airport … there are three in this city. European – Orly Airport; Airport Low Cost Airport; and the main one is Charles de Gaulle, on the lawns of which one can easily meet live rabbits fearlessly running after airplanes.
You can move around the city in several ways:

  • underground;
  • electric trains (run both in the city and in the suburbs);
  • night bus (if you suddenly spree, staring at the city and did not have time to get on the subway or train);
  • cars (not the most convenient way to travel, because in Paris there are very narrow streets, because of which there are endless traffic jams in the city, which makes driving a car too time consuming).

And so, in Paris, 20 municipalities:
1 – which is one of the main attractions of the city – the Louvre;
2 – Arrondissement de la Bourse (the smallest administrative district);
3 – ordinary residential buildings;
4 – Notre Dame de Paris;
5 – famous shopping centers: Prentam Life Gallery, on the penultimate floor of which there is a pleasant cafe, where you can eat tasty and inexpensive, as well as taste the delicious croissants; on the roof of the same shopping center there is a free observation deck with a stunning view of the city. In the same district, Grandopera opens its doors for you, being the intersection of all the main tourist routes of the city. Here in the evening there is live music and dancing. Be prepared for the fact that there are a lot of gypsies who want to snitch a handbag or its contents from tourists and tourists who are not following you.

The most favorable places to choose hotels and entertainment for guests of Paris are the first, eighth and sixteenth arrondissements. While the most dangerous are the 20th district and the northern suburbs, where tourists are advised

not to linger, and generally not to appear alone.
Do not forget to look at the Eiffel Tower and the triumphal arch; visit Montmartre – the highest point of Paris, which offers the best view from above! Do not leave without attention museums Orangerie; Rodin; d’Orsay; Pompadu. As well

as you will bring a sea of?? Positive emotions and impressions viewing platforms, France in miniature, an aquarium on the Trocadero, Disneyland, Versailles, the castle of Chambord and the Luxembourg Palace.
About the peculiarities of Paris, I would like to say that at what step are free toilets; in January and in July there are big sales in all major shopping centers, where you can pay in cash (Euro) and bank cards of national payment

systems. You will not lose if you choose a sporty or casual style of clothes for your trip, such an attribute of your wardrobe as a scarf, which in Paris with great pleasure is worn by both men and women, would be particularly welcome.

But mini-skirts, dresses in the floor, robes with a pea print or in furs, hairpins, extended hair and bright make-up during the daytime are worn by representatives of the oldest profession, who live mainly in the Moulin Rouge, in the Montmartre hills near Pigalle Square.
Do not forget in advance before traveling to France to get a passport, Schengen visa and insurance. Relax your soul, enjoy the beautiful views, get acquainted with the local culture and return to Paris again and again!

Welcome to Montenegro!!

This is a super offer for those who want something new.
Montenegro surprises with its compactness – in less than one day you can drive a car from one end of the country to the other.
And so, here is what you can not ignore, hitting Montenegro:

  • Budva Riviera – the tourist center of Montenegro with sandy beaches, impressive architecture and entertainment for all tastes. One of the main resorts of this area is Budva, which is one of the most respected cities on the Adriatic;
  • Becici enjoys great popularity among tourists, it is located just 3 km from Budva. This city is known for its 2-kilometer shingle-pebble beach;
  • Petrovac – a quiet place in the bay with a red pebble beach and with a huge collection of ancient monuments;
  • St. Stephen – the most prestigious Montenegrin resort, which is literally built up with luxury hotels. In the 15th century, a fortress was erected here, which for a long time protected the city from pirates. In the middle of the 20th century, it turned into a posh city hotel, which became a favorite vacation spot for Hollywood stars.

For entry into Montenegro, a visa and insurance are required, they should be issued in advance, the only exception are citizens of the Russian Federation, for them entry into the territory of the country is unhindered.
Rest your body and soul, gain strength, enjoy the bright sun and local landscapes, and you will definitely want to come back here even once!


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