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Barbados Overview

Barbados Airport. 
14 km east of Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, is Grantley Adams International Class Airport. Airliners from the USA, countries of Europe and the Caribbean region arrive here daily. Today it is the main transportation hub in the eastern part of the Caribbean islands. 
The renewed airport building consists of a huge arrival hall, a luggage compartment, a compartment with ticket offices, a passport control department and a new customs department. Significantly increased service area: tourists arriving in Barbados and departing from it, can sit in a bar or restaurant, buy a variety of goods in specialized shops, including expensive and rare coffee. Porters work at the airport. For their services they ask for 1 USD. To the resort area from the airport can be reached by taxi or bus. Taxi drivers work around the clock, which is very convenient. There are no meters, so the cost of transportation is agreed with the client in advance. Buses to Bridgetown leave every half hour from 06:00 to 00:00. Also at the airport, you can arrange a rental car and go on their own. 

Import of foreign currency is not limited (in the declaration it is necessary to indicate the amount of imported money). Export of local currency is prohibited, foreign – no more than the amount specified in the declaration on arrival. 

Those over the age of 18 are allowed to import 200 cigarettes or 450 g of tobacco products, 0.75 liters duty free. spirits and 0.75 liters of wine, 150 ml of perfumes and 300 ml of perfumery products, as well as gifts and any other goods with a total value of not more than 100 BBD. Prohibited the importation of fresh fruits and fruits, pets. 

Local taxis have fixed fares for certain routes. Before the trip, the tourist should discuss with the driver what currency he will pay for it. 
Car rental in Barbados 
Immediately, we note that renting a car on the island is not a cheap pleasure. It will require international driving license, you also need to get a local permit – their cost is 10 USD. Left-hand movement. 

Safety of tourists. 

The island is very calm, with a low crime rate, but tourists still should not lose vigilance. You should not carry valuables, documents and large sums of money with you – there are safes for that. The hotels have their own security services, who keep order in the territory, but it is better not to leave valuable items even in hotels without supervision. 

Local law provides severe fines and other penalties for all drug related violations. 

Coastline barbados. 
The South Coast is the meeting point of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean with ideal conditions for windsurfing. Along the coast there are small hotels 3 and 4 *, bars, restaurants and discos. The center of nightlife is considered the town of St. Lawrence Gap. Rum – one of the business cards of Barbados. Hundreds of tiny bars and lots of colorful rum shops are scattered around the island and add a lot of color to it. 

The west coast is washed by the Caribbean Sea and is famous for its golden sandy beaches and calm clear waters. The best hotels of the island, located here, will suit lovers of a relaxing holiday. Evenings here can be spent in cozy restaurants and bars. 

The east coast of Barbados is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. This is the most beautiful and at the same time – the most unexplored part of the island by tourists. There are great surfing and wild beaches. 

The north of Barbados is the least populated area. Here is the Barbados Wildlife Sanctuary in St. Peter’s District (25 km north of Bridgetown), home to green monkeys, roes, otters, turtles, other exotic animals and birds. 

Tropical trade wind, close to subequatorial sea. The air temperature all year round ranges from + 26 … + 30 ° C, and the trade winds and the sea breeze save from the exhausting heat. About 75% of precipitation falls from June to November, the wettest month is July. Also summer is possible hurricanes – the greatest number of them may collapse on the island from September to the end of October. 

The driest months are from February to May, for example, in April, only about seven rainy days during the whole month! 

The beaches. 
Barbados has many good sandy beaches, each with its own special character. The west coast is famous for golden sand, the south – white. All beaches of the island are municipal, but, as a rule, only guests are reclining on the beach sections near the hotels. 

Nudism and toples are actually prohibited: in this respect, Barbados strictly adheres to conservative British traditions. 

Barbados Hotels. 
Most of the hotels are focused on the western and southern coasts of the island, near the most popular beaches. All prestigious hotels are located on the west coast, in the southern part of the island there are more democratic hotels that will appeal to lovers of nightlife. 

Winserfera suitable accommodation on the southern or southeastern coast – this is where the places of their pilgrimage. Ordinary tourists are not recommended to stop on the southeast coast – an almost complete absence of beaches and big waves will spoil their rest. 

Voltage in the mains 110/120 V, 50 Hz. American sockets and plugs are used. To use European electrical appliances, you need an adapter and a converter that changes the voltage from 220 to 110 V. In hotels 4 and 5 *, adapters are provided free of charge. 

The monetary unit of the country is the Barbados dollar (BBD), in 1 dollar 100 cents. Current exchange rate: 1 USD = 2 BBD, 1 EUR = 2.23 BBD, 1 BBD = 32.35 RUB. 

Currency can be exchanged in commercial banks, exchange offices and hotels. Exchange rates in commercial banks and hotels are almost the same. The island is served by the National Bank of Barbados and at least 6 branches of international banks, so there are usually no problems with currency exchange. Banks are open from 8:00 to 15:00, on Fridays – from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00. Banks and most commercial offices work 5 days a week. 

Most hotels, restaurants and resort stores accept major credit cards and travelers checks. In the tourism industry, the us dollar is almost ubiquitous. In the province with credit cards is much more difficult – in most cases, preference is given to cash. In addition, various duties and goods in the markets can also be paid in cash only. 

In most hotels and restaurants, tips are already included in the cost of service. If not, it is customary to leave “for tea” 10% of the total bill. Maids are usually given 1 USD per room, porters at the airport and hotels – 1 USD for each piece of luggage, taxi drivers – as much as they want. 

Shopping and shops in Barbados. 
Most stores in the capital are open from 8:30 to 16:30 from Monday to Friday and until 12: 00-13: 00 on Saturday. There are many duty-free shops on the island – you will have to show your passport and return ticket. Supermarkets usually work until 20:00. More than a thousand (!) Rum shops are open on the island. In general, Barbados is a rather expensive island, it should be borne in mind. 
Local sellers often cannot find a change in large bills in US dollars, so it’s better to have small bills with you, and for large purchases to pay with a credit card.

Kitchen and restaurants.
The restaurants of the island are famous for their diversity: here you can taste national dishes and much more. Especially popular is the flying fish dish, as well as other seafood. 
Freshly grilled fish in the restaurant for tourists – 40-60 BBD. A bottle of water in the store – from 4 BBD. Beer bottle – from 3 BBD. 

Entertainment and attractions of Barbados. 
One of the ways to get acquainted with the sights of the island is to buy a special “tourist passport” (Heritage Barbados Passport) for about 35 USD. It provides an opportunity to visit 16 major museums, natural and architectural monuments of the country with a 50% discount. The owner of such a “passport” can be accompanied by two children under 12 years old free of charge. 
Despite the outward tranquility of life on the island, there are plenty of bars and discos, including Harbor Lights on the sand in the open air. 
Day trips to the nearby Caribbean islands: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie was filmed, Dominica Island – hundreds of rivers, waterfalls, rainforests and mountains, Saint Lucia – untouched nature of the tropics, waterfalls and mountains. 

In Barbados, water sports are well developed: sailing, water skiing, diving and snorkeling. Thanks to the wind from the Atlantic, the island has become a real Mecca for surfing fans – both beginners and “pros”. 
The West Bank is very popular with fans of scuba diving: there the sea is hidden by steep reefs and sunken ships. East Coast – “paradise” for surfers, the best place here – Soup Bowl (“Soup Bowl”). The best place to practice windsurfing, especially from November to June, is Silver Sands (Silver Sands) on the south coast. 
The island also has three internationally renowned golf courses: Sandy Lane, Royal Westmoreland and Barbados Golf Club. 
Every year in January, a large jazz festival is held in Barbados, gathering musicians from around the world.

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