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Amazing Mexico!!!
  1. Mexico City
    Many familiarize themselves with a country, as a rule, begin with the capital. Mexico City – a city that surprises with its contrasts: glass skyscrapers and modern museums, ancient pyramids and palaces, numerous gardens, huge squares and cathedrals – a whole vacation may not be enough for inspection
    As in any other capital, Mexico City has a rich cultural and nightlife: performances, concerts, shows, creative evenings, discos (“under the roof” in clubs or just on the streets and parks of the city). Speaking of parks. There are a lot of them here, but we especially recommend you to take a look at Chapultepec – America’s largest urban park (more than 800 hectares), in whose territory there is a palace and zoo of the same name.
  2. Guadalajara
    Baroque pearl of Mexico, which is worth a visit to all lovers of architecture. The historical center – with squares, cathedrals, churches, basilicas, gardens, theaters, museums … In general, the city is somewhat reminiscent of European capitals. That is why it is suitable for all those who like to go to museums, look at ancient sights, stroll slowly through gardens and parks.
  3. Merida
    A cozy “white” city on the Yucatan Peninsula, where the largest carnival in Mexico takes place every year, and every evening pleases guests and residents with concerts, creative evenings, open-air performances. Merida also has a lot of European, including its own amphitheater, where to this day performances of antique works are staged; small streets with colored two- and three-story houses, squares, cathedrals.
  4. Puebla
    The city (just imagine!) Between the four volcanoes: Popocatepetl, Malinche, Orizab, Iztacciuatl. And also the gastronomic capital of Mexico, where popular local dishes originated and culinary experiments do not subside. Puebla is also famous for its many museums and historic sights.
  5. Cancun
    Cancun is a typical seaside resort on the Caribbean coast, with luxury hotels, snow-white beaches, clear turquoise water, palm trees and plenty of entertainment for every taste. There are entertainment centers for children and adults, water parks and a large aquarium (where you can swim with dolphins), many nightclubs, discos, restaurants, bars, as well as shopping centers and sports complexes.
  6. Los Cabos
    Los Cabos is another alternative to Mexican resorts. It is famous for its large and equipped coastline, where there are zones for those who just need to lie on a deck chair, there are separate bays for divers and bays with huge waves for surfers. Los Cabos is especially praised by divers for their beautiful reef landscapes, and the jeep safari in the desert is also popular with vacationers.

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